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Honourable Senators, every year, thousands of Canadian families open their hearts and their homes to children in need.

The difference that adoption can make in the life of a child is profound. Whatever the problems that cause someone to give up a child, we always praise the kindness and openness of Canadian families that take in these children. Children worldwide are brought into generous Canadian homes daily and into the warmth and kindness of a Canadian family.

The month of November is adoption awareness month, and it is important for us to pay tribute to the families whose lives are enriched by adoption.

This act of extraordinary kindness and open-heartedness is something that I hope more Canadians will look toward. Right now, there are over 30,000 children in Canada waiting to be adopted.

Foster parents provide their homes as temporary refuge to children in troubled times and are an invaluable service for children in need. This arrangement lacks the permanence of an adoption and is hard for both the children and the foster parents alike. We should remember all that foster parents do and that they are often under-compensated and under-resourced.

What children need, however, is a forever home. They need to know that their families will stick by them, love them and keep them in their hearts forever. We all need a solid support network in our lives, even as adults, and that is something that adoption can provide.

Please join me, honourable senators, in recognizing the valuable service that adoptive parents provide, not only to the children they bring into their families but also to the community and the world.

No child should have to feel unwanted or unloved.

I encourage more Canadian families who feel they have room in their lives and in their hearts for another child to consider adoption as an option.