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Honourable senators, it is with a heavy heart that I rise today to acknowledge the loss of one of New Brunswick's sons.

Sergeant Andrew Doiron, or Drew, as he is known by his friends, was a native of Moncton and a distinguished soldier in our Canadian Special Operations Regiment. He died in the line of duty last Friday in Northern Iraq.

He is our first loss in the ongoing mission in Iraq, and as such, his sacrifice holds a special significance in our ongoing fight against terrorism.

Our soldiers bravely support the Kurdish Peshmerga, who are holding the line against the armies of ISIS.

Like his comrades in generations past, Sergeant Doiron took up arms to defend those who cannot defend themselves. His friends and comrades describe him as a soldier, a warrior and a consummate professional. He was very proud of what he did.

He joined in 2002 and served with the Princess Pats and three terms in Afghanistan. That's just a small portion of his military service for our country.

He loved his family, he loved his job, and he had a great relationship with everyone around him.

In my previous career, I had the opportunity to interact with many of the men in our special forces. I know how hard they work, and I have nothing but the highest appreciation for the dedication they show in their struggle to protect Canada from threats that we do not always know about or understand.

As I have noted here before, I do not view our veterans as a partisan issue. Our soldiers serve all Canadians, and in a time of loss like this, it is our job, our only job, as senators to come together as one to honour their sacrifice and support those who remain.

In closing, I would like to thank Sergeant Doiron's family for giving him to us to remain forever one of Canada's immortal sons. We bring him home in dignity, with all the honour our country can give, and lay him silently to a hero's rest.

Thank you, senators.