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Honourable senators, my remarks will be very brief. Sometimes the term "critic of the bill" is a bit of a misnomer. I support this bill, and I commend Senator Cordy for bringing it forward and for paying attention to her constituents in Nova Scotia, for working with them and coming forward and doing exactly what senators should be doing, in my opinion.

We name a lot of days, and sometimes people wonder why we do that, but in this case it was brought to us very clearly in committee that we're doing this because the awareness of sickle cell disease in Canada is very low, and I think anything that we as senators and parliamentarians can do to raise awareness of a disease which affects a lot of people and is carried by a lot of people who have no idea they have it is something we should be proud of doing, and we will work hard every year to raise the awareness of this.

Just the simple fact that the Senate is urging people to be tested for this is a really good thing, and I think if we pass this bill, and I hope we will, we should be very proud of having done so.